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Teton® provides both submerged weed and algae control in irrigation canals throughout the Western United States. At low rates of 0.05-0.3 ppm it provides algae control for 8-12 miles. Teton® should be applied as a topical spray to control matted algae. When applied at typical rates of 0.5 to 3 ppm for 6-12 hours, Teton® controls submerged weeds including pondweeds, milfoil and elodea. At the higher labeled rates Teton® provides quick results for relief from heavy weed growth.

*Read and follow label directions.

Go to CDMS to View Full Label Go to CDMS to View Full Safety Data Sheet

Teton® Facts:

  • No water use restrictions*
  • Provides weed and algae control
  • Fast acting
Always read the latest and follow the label directions. For more information, read labels and other resource material.

Active Ingredients

53% Mono(N,N-dimethylalkylamine) salt of endothall*
47% Other Ingredients
100% Total

How to Use

Quiescent or Slow Moving Water Treatments: Surface or Injected Applications

Always read the label and follow the label directions.1/2/2019

Flowing Water Treatments: Drip or Metering Systems

Always read the label and follow the label directions.1/2/2019

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