Irrigation Canals


Current is a copper-based aquatic herbicide that is fast acting and controls a broad range of aquatic plants. There are no restrictions on the use of treated water. It is an excellent choice where quick results are needed, providing control in 7-10 days. Although Current provides fast results, multiple applications may be required during the growing season.


Current Facts:

  • Fast Acting
  • No water use restrictions
  • Not toxic to fish when used according to the label
Always read and follow label directions. For more information, read labels and other resource material.

Active Ingredients

31.27% Copper sulfate pentahydrate (CAS No. 7758-99-8)
68.73% Other Ingredients
100% Total

*8.0% elemental copper

One Gallon Contains 0.8 Pounds of Elemental Copper


Irrigation Canals