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Know Your Rep: Craig Smith

Jun 2023

Learn more about UPL Aquatics’ team member Craig Smith, Territory Manager for the Pacific Northwest.

Q: What all does your role with UPL entail? 

A: As a territory manager with a focus on key accounts in the irrigation products market, I oversee all aspects of sales and customer/product support. 

My territory consists primarily of “irrigation district” customers who manage irrigation canals which convey water from reservoirs across great distances to be distributed to agricultural concerns. UPL offers two endothall-based products (CASCADE® and TETON®) that are the primary tools available to my districts to manage aquatic plants and algae with safety to food crops.   These products can require a great deal of UPL support to be used effectively, and much of my time is spent making product-use recommendations, training and new business development.

Q: How long have you been with UPL?

A: 17 years — I was part of the Phoenix Environmental Care acquisition.

Q: What are your past work experiences, and how do they relate to your current role with UPL?

A: As an aquatic biologist, I have worked my entire career (almost 30 years) in both the private or commercial sector of aquatic plant and algae management in surface waters across the nation. I’ve also worked as a territory manager for chemical manufacturing companies including Phoenix Environmental Care, DuPont and Griffin LLC. My work experience provides me with an understanding of what our customers need and the ability to be a trusted advisor to our end users. After all, I have been in their shoes.

Q: What is the top question you hear most from customers?

A: Incredibly, the question I get most is a genuine, “How are you, Craig?” I am lucky to work with such a nice community of customers that truly appreciate me and what UPL has to offer for managing their water systems. 

Q: How did you get involved in the aquatics industry? 

A: After graduation, I relocated from Oklahoma to Florida and joined a private lake management company that provided aquatic plant and algae management services to golf courses, homeowner communities, municipalities and other surface water owners. 

Q: What industry associations are you involved with?

A: I am actively involved in irrigation district associations throughout my territory such as the Idaho Water Users Association, Washington State Water Resource Association, Oregon Water Congress and the Western Aquatic Plant Management Association.

Q: What (professional or personal) goals do you hope to reach in the next 5 years?

A: I’ve recently received a promotion to key account manager. Professionally, I look forward to making an added contribution to the Environmental Solutions team in this role over the next several years. And personally, I aspire to getting my golf handicap back down to 4 or 5!

Q: What hobbies or other interests would you like to share?

A: Living in Idaho gives me an incredible opportunity to experience the great outdoors.  I am an avid golfer and skier. I also enjoy hiking, camping and exploring the natural wonders of this world. 

You can connect with Craig by email